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A Day with Rosewater

rose water

Rosewater tour

Visit and know how Iranian Rosewater made

Ideal age: 15 to 85-year-old

Starts in / Ends in: Up to you

Travel Style: City Tour

Max Group Size: 40

Transportation: Private Vehicle, VIP Bus

Tour Guide

Local experienced travel guide

Full board

All transportations with air-conditioned VIP-Bus, Van or private car


110 $

From 90$ per person

From 28$ per person

Spring of Iran has lots of amazing memories for tourist who visited for.

After arrival, we visit “Flower Gardens” and “Festival of Rose and Rosewater”. Then we visited “Nisar waterfall” and go to “Khateresabz restaurant” for lunch. After a rest, we will go back to Kashan visited “Fin Garden” and a “Historical Houses and Bath” in the Sultan Mirahmad district.

The city of Niasar, 20 km northwest of Kashan, is one of the oldest human settlements.

Extensive rose gardens in Niasar has made this historic and lush greenery garden city, one of the three major centers for the production of Mohammadi flowers, rose water and herbal distillates of the country.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Golabgiri (making Rosewater) is a ceremony taking place annually from mid-May to mid-June in Rose Gardens in Niasar and Kashan city neighbors.

At the ceremony, which attracts more than a million tourists each year, they made rosewater from Rose flowers planted in these areas.

Making Rose Water

Making Rose Water

Niasar Waterfall with a height of 53 meters One of the most beautiful natural attractions of this city, is the host of nature lovers in the summer.

Niasar Waterfall

Niasar Waterfall

The Fine Garden of Kashan is the name of an Iranian garden, which has a historical bath inside. The history of the Garden of Fine and its buildings dates back to the Safavid period. The area of the garden is over 23 thousand square meters.

Bagh-e Fin (Fine Garden) was submitted to the UNESCO’s Tentative List.

Fin Garden

Fin Garden

Sultan Mirahmad district is part of the historic district of Kashan, which has unique characteristics. Among these characteristics is the presence in the vicinity of valuable elements from the Seljuk city and the existence of valuable homes, which are among the most important examples in Iran.

Sultan Mirahmad District

Sultan Mirahmad District

Sultan Mirahmad District

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